A World Unveiled: Joys and Jitters of Many Journeys (Book)

My travelogue “A World Unveiled: Joys and Jitters of Many Journeys” (Folio Books, Lahore, Pakistan) is available in Kindle version and as e-book/paperback from Amazon:


Book review published in The News on October 10, 2021:


Book review published in The Friday Times on November 26, 2021:


Praise for A World Unveiled

“Razi Azmi chronicles his world-wide adventures in the great and enduring tradition of travel writers from Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta to Richard Haliburton and Paul Theroux. A keen observer and meticulous penman, he records in fascinating detail his journeys from tiny specks of nations like Lesotho to the vast steppes of Russia and the wide Canadian prairies. Throughout, his descriptions are colourful and witty and evoke the very character of the lands and peoples he visits.”

B. R. Burg
Professor (Retired), Arizona State University

“Three reasons anyone interested in the world should read this book: firstly, Razi Azmi has been to hundreds of places you will never get to and written insightfully about them; secondly, he’s talked to more people in more languages than you ever will; and, finally, he has a better sense of humour than any other travel writer ever. In A World Unveiled readers will visit an amazing variety of places large and small on all the world’s continents with an indefatigable traveller with a deep historical awareness and an ability to communicate and converse with ordinary people. Your guide is a writer with an eye for the unusual detail, vivid enough to make you feel the moments and wish to have been there – even if he’s describing your very own country. So read it and have fun.”

Carl Pletsch
Professor (Retired), University of Colorado

“Razi Azmi writes with empathy and respect for the lands, peoples and their cultures. I am particularly impressed by his detailed observations and descriptions of the people and places in Africa, the continent of my birth and growth. It wasn’t until I read Razi’s travelogue that I realised how little I knew about my own continent.”

Ali Tunne Godana
Kenyan Travel Enthusiast

A World Unveiled makes the destination come alive to the reader who feels as if he is holding the author’s hand as he reads. His two chapters on India, a country I know intimately, bring out to his readers her distinctiveness. Crisscrossing the country by train brings the author close to the ground and to the heart of India’s bustling mood. Having visited over a hundred countries myself, I salute Razi for his travels and narration of his experiences travelling on all continents through his wonderful writings.”

Sandip Hor
Indian Travel Writer

“Razi Azmi gives us a poignant, simultaneous look at geographic, demographic and political landscapes. He’s a polyglot with as many interests and stories. Unlike accidental tourists, he follows an intentional course, with articulate conversations about both the structured and serendipitous. And he is fearless in doing so, following the George Packer model: ‘A writer who’s afraid to tell people what they don’t want to hear has chosen the wrong trade.’ Azmi should never trade his trade; he demonstrates joy, courage and candour in his timely reflections.”

Jerry Pattengale
Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University

“Packed with fascinating details and insights, A World Unveiled brings to life the infinity of meandering plains, the aromas escaping deep from within narrow bazaars. It is a gift for these times, when so much changed for the intrepid and curious traveller alike.”

Amna Zuberi
Pakistani Travel & Documentary Photographer

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