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Autocrats, dictators and tyrants – III

From the Middle East to Africa to South America, the world is becoming less and less congenial for dictators and despots. We are witnessing “climate change” in more ways than one.

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Autocrats, dictators and tyrants – II

South and Central America, with the smallest number of Muslims of any continent and where Catholicism holds sway, has had the worst record of dictators and tyrannical rule.

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Autocrats, dictators and tyrants – I

Although most Muslim countries have been under authoritarian, dictatorial or tyrannical rule (at least until recently), not all dictators or tyrants are Muslims.

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A world cup or the world itself?

The tendency to glorify the World Cup win and Imran Khan’s role out of all proportion shows a terrible lack of national self-esteem among Pakistanis.

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