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The state of our state

The “sick man” of 1853 was a vast empire, rotting but not ready to reform or to go without a fight. Today’s “sick man” too refuses to heed good advice, despite the loss of a “limb” in 1971. What’s more, … Continue reading

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Dual nationality and nil nationality

In all countries where migrants have settled, with or without the privilege of dual nationality, there is a strong perception that they remain loyal to their country of origin.  As a result, in times of economic crisis, they are made … Continue reading

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Gods’ Garden and Rocky Mountain

It would have been no laughing matter had the over-sensitive US Department of Homeland Security been alerted to the fact that, in the driver’s seat of this American car with a New York number plate, was a Pakistani man with … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon – amazing, sublime and lonely

While the beneficial effects of physical exercise at the gym are obvious, repeated prostrations at mosques are yet to show results, if the moral standards and civic behaviour in Muslim countries are any guide.

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