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Little something on a fabled coastline

“On this fabled coastline, redwood groves reach skyward, the Santa Lucia Range plunges into the sea, and waves are beaten to froth on ragged rocks. It’s a place of elemental power that can make human affairs seem inconsequential.”

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No trivial matter

We like to keep our homes neat and clean but habitually dump garbage out on the streets and in parks. Who amongst us does not occasionally feel the need to answer the call of nature when outdoors, yet we don’t … Continue reading

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Hate mongering in god’s name

I wonder what the sentinels of the “fortress of Islam” called Pakistan want to do about the fact that, in public places, one cannot distinguish an Ahmadi from a Muslim by their looks. (Daily Times, 16 May 2012)

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Plagiarism? What?

Most students and many teachers, from high school to university, honestly believe that research essentially means bringing together relevant data and paragraphs from a wide array of published sources to, quite literally, assemble a coherent essay or thesis.

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A Creeping Inquisition

Citizens of the Islamic Republic are merely reaping what they collectively sowed decades ago by making it the business of the state to enforce, protect and promote religion.  (Published in Daily Times, 2 May 2012)  An 80-year old man, Iqbal … Continue reading

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