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Coming to terms in Uganda

It is one of the great natural spectacles of the world, when over a million wildebeests and hundreds of zebras and Thomson’s gazelles join them.  It is a feast for the eyes for tourists and a real feast for the … Continue reading

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From Kisumu to Kampala

It was in western Kenya, in the village of Ndhiwa not far from Kisumu, where the uncrowned king of polygamy lived out his flamboyant life.

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Divisive nature of religious agenda

While most religions keep to themselves, Christians and Muslims are in a dead-heat competition to convert whoever they might lay their hands on and no matter where.  As a result, the disaster I was able to avert for myself has … Continue reading

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All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

It is hard to see how Israel can continue to defy the world and persist in its policy of aggression, annexation and occupation, even with US support. The vote count – and, may I add, the writing – are on … Continue reading

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