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The beauty and bane of language

Nothing else but those 26 letters, used in an infinite number of combinations, employing typically ten or fewer of them in words, are the basis of everything that was ever written in English.

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Much ado about names along the Trans-Siberian

Ekaterinberg is located just east of where Asia meets Europe. If one is alert and quick enough, as I was, one can see from the train window the marker on the geographical line where Asia meets Europe, 22 km west … Continue reading

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Israel and Gaza, truth and untruth

It is not just the Iron Dome which prevents free thought. All belief systems and ideologies do that, whether they be Zionism, nationalism, ethno-centrism, racism, religion, sectarianism, Communism, Fascism or any “ism” whatsoever. To their credit, a few Israeli journalists … Continue reading

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