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Across Siberia, on a train

There was nothing but infinite space interspersed with trees as far as the eye could see. In one’s mind’s eye, one could even see beyond, as far as the arctic.  It was a surreal sight, one not to be forgotten.

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Lake Baikal and the ‘Paris of Siberia’

There was no mistaking that we were in Siberia, bitingly cold on a September morning, with trees already bereft of leaves and Russians hurrying to work well cushioned from the cold from head to toe.

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From Mongolian steppes to Eurasian empire

A country the size of Iran has a population of just about a third that of Tehran, and less than most mid-size towns of Iran, India, Pakistan or China.  Our two nights in a national park, some two hour’s drive … Continue reading

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To Ulan Baatar in Mongolia, across the Great Wall

My longest train journeys hitherto had been from Mumbai to Delhi, Urumchi (Xinjiang) to Shanghai, Shanghai to Lhasa (Tibet) and Moscow to London. So, this was it. Not just the longest train journey, but one that will take me to … Continue reading

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